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Continuing to produce the quality and professional Personal Property Appraisals that you've come to expect over the last 42 years in Houston

Appraisal Services

Adair Appraisal Services provides quality and professional appraisals. We specialize in personal property including but not limited to: fine antique furniture, crystal, sterling silver, artwork and collectibles. Some of the reasons you may find yourself in need of an appraisal are:

•Estate Planning
•Estate Taxes
•Insurance Replacement
•Charitable Donations
•Divorce Purposes

Every appraisal is a court ready document, it includes a detailed numbered inventory of every item of personal property, along with labeled corresponding photographs of each item.
Have experience in high profile appraisals including the King Ranch , Dr Michael Brown , John O'Quinn , Harold Farb , Bud Adams , too name a few .. Expert Witness Testimony in State and Federal Courts ..
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